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How Do I Get Sponsored?

How Do I Get Sponsored?

Yo! How do I get sponsored?

It’s no surprise that tons of people ask how to get a sponsorship. It’s not just the discount that most associate with, but the status. Knowing you are among the very few that have earned that level of recognition is a point of pride for the hardcore competitors and influencers that love car audio.

Let’s say right up front that it’s very, very hard to get sponsored. Every time we approve someone we take a little hit, financially speaking. We are hoping (praying, really) that the people we invest in help to make the JY brand a little bit larger of a household name.

JY Power Team Shirt -Back

There are two levels JY Power has for sponsorship:

Team Lithium Can’t Demo
-You have an exceptional build.
-This isn’t your first audio system.
-You have a significant following on social media.

Team JY
Requires everything from Team LCD, plus:
-You must have won a national title in USACi, IASCA, Midwest SPL, MECA or dB Drag.

Let’s talk about what it really takes to get sponsored.

Step 1: Be the example.
Understand that this is a trade: (discounted) product for popularity. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the most followers of anyone in the history of social media. It may mean your build is extremely clean. You show up to events. You aren’t one to cause drama. You have a reputation for helping out when someone needs a hand. In a nutshell: you are an ambassador to your sport.

Step 2: Show us you are organized.
Have a plan in place before you hit us up. Know what shows you are going to, and how big the expected attendance is. Have examples of your previous builds. Know what kind of engagement you get on social media.

Step 3: Patience. Lots of it.
Even if we are chomping at the bit to put a Team JY tee shirt and decal in your hands, there is only so much budget we have set aside. That means it may take time for us to say yes or no. And remember – a no right now doesn’t mean a no forever. Sometimes you have to be persistent, without being annoying.

Step 4: Don’t let up.
If you get on the team, stay active. Part of being sponsored by anyone is the knowledge that you are being associated with that brand for as long as you’re on the team. They see you – they think JY.

Post your build on social media. Comment on the car audio group page posts. Offer a hand when you can to others. If you ask to rep the name…rep it well.

Got more questions? We’ve got more answers! Check out our other blog posts here, contact us by chat on Facebook or by email at

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