Amp-hour for amp-hour meet the most powerful battery JY Power has ever produced!

Active Balancing System

The Active Balancing System moves energy from one cell to another, ensuring each cell has an identical charge. The HP-40’s balancing algorithms are more than twice as fast as ever before, to deliver a longer-lasting, more reliable battery.


The HP-40 is designed to deliver the clean, stable power your amplifiers need to run at peak performance.

Even standalone, this lithium battery supports up to a 5,400-watt system, so an amplifier with 75% efficiency (the average Class D amp) delivers over 4,000 watts to your subs.

For the hardcore SPL competitor, a single HP-40 will support up to 13,800 watts of amplifier power on dual 350-amp alternators.

JY wants you to demo all day – without recharging.

All-New Aluminum Casing

An all-new casing is made of an extruded aluminum chassis, heavily anodized for non-conductivity. The four-spot 1/0 AWG power terminal allows for virtually unlimited wiring flexibility. Stainless M6 hardware is included. 

Why Lithium? Simple..

80x Faster Charging
Charging up to 80 times faster than a comparable AGM battery, you won’t need to stop for hours at a time during a demo session.

Power Per Pound
To get the power of an HP-40 (weighing 15 lbs) from a standard AGM battery bank, it will weigh 420 lbs. Power per pound – nothing else comes close.

15 Minute Recharge
If your HP-40 is completely depleted, it takes about 15 minutes to recharge. If your AGM battery bank is out, it will take about 1,200 minutes (20 hours).

Wire Combz

Organized And Stable

Your system is a work of art. Treat it like one.

The JY Wire Combz Hold Down makes your power and signal cables easy to organize, display and maintain.

Engineered and manufactured in the USA, these wire clips simply push onto any wire gauge from 8 Gauge to 2/0. Countersunk screw holes secure the base to nearly any part of your installation.

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