All About Balance

All About Balance

The mark of a great battery is more than just big, predictable power to your amps. In fact, that’s the end result.

Solid engineering – behind the scenes – is where the magic really happens. That means exhaustive testing and extremely tight tolerances as we evaluate each cell before it ever sees the inside of a case. Once those cells are installed in the housing, two vital components are then added to the system: the first is an internal bussing system, made to bind each cell together so they charge as a single unit.

Finally, a simple computer is installed into the battery. Designed to constantly monitor each cell’s voltage independently, the computer calculates and re-distributes power evenly across each cell. The result is even, big, predictable power when you need it.

Without that regulation, each cell will charge at a slightly different rate. The difference in cell charging rates gets increasingly large as time goes on, making the battery less and less stable. The battery delivers power inconsistently and becomes unusable, or worse – it becomes unsafe.   

By employing higher standards and the right technology, you get the best of both worlds: more power and a longer life.

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